Saturday, June 7, 2008

To whom it may concern.

We just finished up week 10 of basic. With about 3 weeks of training left and 4 until graduation, i'm about ready to finish up here. It's been the shittiest of times and the best of times. I've never sweat so much, ran so far, or felt so worn out before. I've also never ran a mile at 2pm in the Georgia sun, done multiple sets of exercises and shot from 400 meters out only to low crawl to the next iteration of exercises and shooting for 30 mins straight. But i've loved almost every minute of it. The hardest part has been being away from my family, Kierstan and my friends. The outside world doesnt stop moving, waiting for you to come back. I just hope those I love dont forget me when I do come back; namely Kierstan. She is a huge part of why I am here, and she is what gets me through the times when i'm really sucking. Everyday I hope she remembers how much I love her and is there standing tall in her little red dress at my graduation with a smile on her face. I picture that in my mind every night when i'm getting ready for bed. Just as I can still close my eyes and picture her coming down the escalator with her teddy bear Roosevelt in hand at the Philly airport.

I love you.